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FORESTWILLA: Unique Antique Jewelry, Not Expensive,Just For Fan!


At forestwilla, we love what we do! Our antique & victorian jewelry business brings new excitement and new treasures our way each and every day.


We are a husband and wife team.we find,search,read all about myths、Culture、movie、or other unique idea source offerings with an eye towards modern multicultural style


I began creating jewelry in the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 when I accidentally ordered some jewelry Accessories and had no idea of what to use them for. I tried a few things with them and the idea just took off. I was going through an extremely stressful situation at the time and creating tiny, wearable works of art made me feel so much more relaxed.


As time went by, I was inspired by other shops on Etsy to try my hand at other types of jewelry. It was a good way to put my shopping addiction to good use and share my creativity with people all around the world.



It started out as simply being a hobby but I became more and more excited to create and sell my work. I am always working on new products and I make things faster than I can get them posted. I put tiny bits and pieces of who I am into everything I make and I hope you find something that adds a tiny bit of joy to your day.



As Director of forestwilla's business operations, my days are filled with sourcing beautiful jewelry, posting innovative and engaging social media content, packaging items for shipment, responding to customer inquiries, researching pieces, and managing our ever-changing inventory, all while chasing and entertaining a very active bady. my dear john,he manage website,be a surprising photogragher.We do everything involved with running a small business. We are accountant, photographer, web designer, product developer, advertising executive, and the entire shipping department.



Antique & victorian jewelry is not just our business, it is our shared love! We hope that you enjoy perusing the items in our personal store and that you'll also join our adventures on our Blog and on Facebook and Instagram.



~Willa & John


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